Tripindi Shradh

पूर्व जन्म कृतं पापं व्याधिरूपेण बाधते।
तच्छान्तिरौषंधैदानै: जपश्राध्दादि कर्मभि:।।

Here a consideration about the rebirth is being done.  In India we get to see many proofs about the rebirth but recently even the westerners are found interested and are doing research on reincarnation.

Virtue is an effect of bliss while sin is a result of sorrow. Sins could be diminished through the acts of Jaap, Meditation (Taap), Shantik, Havan. Some sorrows are removed with the help of medicines. A human should follow the path of discipline and righteousness to gain happiness and bliss. But the present situation is like

श्राध्दानिपुष्टिकामांश्च येकरिप्यन्ति मानवा:।
तेभ्य: पुष्टिं प्रजांश्चैव दास्यन्तिपितर: सदा।। हरिवंशे
प्रेतान पितृंश्च निर्दिश्य भोज्यं यत्प्रियमात्मन:।
श्रध्दया दीपते यत्र तच्छाद्धं परि कीर्तिमम्। मरीची
देशेकाले च पात्रे च विधिना हविषा च यत्।
तिलैर्दभैश्च मन्त्रेश्य श्राद्धं स्यात श्रद्धया युतम्।।
श्रद्धया क्रियते तत् श्राद्धं।

There are twelve different types of Shraddha namely,
i) Nitya Shraddha, ii) Naimittik Shraddha, iii) Kamya Shraddha, iv) Vruddhi Shraddha, v) Sapindan Shraddha, vi) Parvan Shraddha, vii) Goshthi Shraddha, viii) Shuddhi Shraddha, ix) Karmang Shraddha, x) Daivik Shraddha, xi) Yatra Shraddha, xii) Pushthi Shraddha.

Nitya Shraddha is performed daily. If Brahmin is not available for puja, a person can perform the same for his ancestors.
If Brahmin is not available to perform the shraddha 'Udak' can perform it himself daily. It is called Nitya shraddha.Shraddha performed before 'Ekodishtha' it is refered as Naimittik shraddha. Feast to one or three brahmins is required in this Shraddha. The shraddha performed to fulfill the wish or 'Kamna' is Kamya Shraddha. Shraddha perform for 'Vruddhi Karma' is called Vruddhi shraddha. Shraddha performed with 'Gandha', 'Udak', 'Til' (seseam) is 'Sapindan' shraddha. Shraddha performed with specific aim is 'Ekodishtha' shraddha. Shraddha performed at Amavasya is called 'Parvan' shraddha.
According to Vishnu puran, shraddha is performed during specific time or 'Parva' namely chaturdashi, Ashtami, Amavasya, Poornima, Sankranti etc. Brahmins & learned people (pandit) together perform Shraddha for peace, health & wealth. Such shraddha is called Goshthi Shraddha. A feast or 'bhojan' is given to Brahmins for self salvation or 'Vruddhi'. Shraddha performed for God is 'Daivik Shraddha'. It is also expected to perform Shraddha when you travel abroad. Also the same is done when you return back to your homeland.Shraddha performed for health and wealth is 'Pushartha' shraddha which is also a 'Aoupcharik' shraddha.

आयु: किर्ति बलं तेजो धनं पुत्रं पशुं स्त्रिय:।
ददन्ति पितरस्तस्य आरोग्यं नात्र संशय:।।
नित्यं नैमित्तिकं काम्यं वृध्दिश्राध्दं तथैवच
पार्वणंचेती मनुना श्राध्दं पंचविधं स्मृतम्।।मनुस्मृति।।

Funeral riots to be followed the in the month of Bhadrapad Krishna Paksha are Aaudharvadehik, Swantasarik , Ekodishta and Tiethashradha. Similarly NityaShradha is also there. Some funeral riots are performed to fulfill specific desires. These are Vrundhi, Narayannagbali, Nagbali and Tripindi.  The word ‘Shradha’ is derived from the root word ‘Shratha’. There are various evidences in our scriptures wording righteousness could be achieved by having faith. It is also believed that the dead protects his family so he should be satisfied by performing all the right funeral riots. If we fail to perform the funeral riots then we invite all sorts of trials and tribulations in our life.

Tripindi Shradh

Tripindi Shradh is an agreable offering in the memory of the dear departed.
If for three consecutive years the offerings are not made to the dear departed then the dead gets vehement, so to calm them these offerings are made. One month of humans equals one day for the dead. The day of new moon is the lunar day for the dead. On this day Darsha shradha is performed. Unsatisfied dead harasses in the form of demon. Cancellation of rites meant or the forefathers, denying offerings made in the memory of the dear departed and spiritual procedures if not performed as per the traditions then problems may arise from goblin, corpse, demi-gods, of the sky/ bodies, the 27'th lunar mansions and demons and may led to religious discord. Such tribulations may occur intermittently and may span in a period of one day, three days or fifteen days. It may also lead to delay in marriage prospects, failure in business, receding prosperity day after day.

Tripindi Shradh must be performed to resolve such calamities. Its assertion is mentioned in
'Shraddha Chintamani' book.

कार्तिके श्रावणे मासे मार्गशीर्षे तथैवच
माघ फाल्गुन वैशाखे शुक्ले कृष्णे तथैवच।
कार्तिकादि चतुर्मासेषु कारयेत्।।
तथापि दोष बाहुल्ये सति न कालापेक्षा।।

This rite can be performed on the important months like 5th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 2nd month of the Hindu calendar and on 5th, 8th, 11th, 13th, 14th, 30th in the bright fortnight or the dark half of the lunar month is the lunar day or Sunday. But if fierce-day agony is experienced then tipindi shradh must be performed immediately. This measure is mentioned in Godayatra Viveka-Darsha.

अवर्णनियो महिमा त्रिपिंडी श्राध्द-कर्मण:।
अत: सर्वेषु कालेषु त्र्यंबकेंतु विशिष्यते।।

As per the above speech Tripindi Rite can be anytime in Tribakeshwar.
In this religious act of oblation to the dear departed, 'Yekechiprapene pindayente cha maheshwar' affirmation is mentioned. Kalidas have mentioned in his Raghuvansh MahaKavya (epic) ' Maheshwara Trimmbak yeva napparha'. After all maheshwar Sanghya is meant for Trymbakeshwar. 'Hey Maheshwara, (trimbak) whoever is harassing us in the form of demon destroy them all' is my prayer to you. Dead in the form of demon Ravi when it is positioned between Kanya (Virgo) and tula (Libra) they attack on earth. This is a very important and right phase and time for offerings to the departed. By performing this KaamShradha (Offerings) one is liberated from the demons. Do not perform this Kaamshradha during the festivity of Navratra. Also do not perform Tripindi Shradh and Tirtha Shradha on the same day. Perform it on different days but if you are short of time then firstly perform the Tripindi Shradh and then perform the Tritha Shradh.

'प्रेताय सदगति दत्वा पार्वणादि समाचरेत्।
पिशाच्चमोचनेतीर्थ कुशावर्त विशेषत:।।

This religious act should be performed at a holy place meant for demon liberation or sacrifice. Bramha, Vishu and Mahesh are the main Gods in this rite. Of the two kinds, from the earth, from the sky and spirit, virtue, particle, irascible also infant, young and old dead in all stages are oppressed with vehement emotions. In the end one must perform Tripindi Shradh as per the tradition and conventions. Before this rite it is necessary to undertake holy dip in Ganga for expiation and body purification. Here Skhaur is not necessary. As Shakhur is innate part of expiation, Tripindi rite is to be performed accompanied by wife wearing new clothes. One can perform this rite even if you are single or a widower. In this God Bramha (Money), Vishnu (Gold), Rudra (Copper) are omnipresent.